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We believe that although SLU likely exhibits more egregious non-compliances and violations than many or most medical schools, this is likely a national problem that deserves greater attention. Joining together our ideas and efforts will be much more effective than trying to individually fight our battles at each dysfunctional institution where the little guy will continue to be intimidated and bullied into silence.



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If so, please contact us. is a site run by a physician who shares his own history of fighting unjust residency decisions. He shares many resources, including a collection of known legal cases. Insightfully, he points out that although many of the known cases with verdicts did not end in favor of the resident, the ones that likely would have found in favor of the resident never saw a courtroom. They were settled. Do not become discouraged. He says, “You are not a failure, and you are not alone.  There are literally dozens of physicians just like you at any given point in time, out there looking for a path out of the darkness, looking for some help figuring it all out.  I hope this site can answer some of your questions.”


(pssst. For the lawyers: this is non-commercial, unpaid promotion of a pro bono service.)



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SLUCP: Driving education, awareness, and positive change towards systemic improvement for St. Louis University med school residents, faculty, and staff.

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